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Frequently Asked Questons

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exCel’s AFA™ BRIGHTENING GEL For Hyperpigmentation and Age spots

AFA™ Brightening Gel, designed to be used on the hands, face or body, is a new generation facial brightener which contains ingredients that work synergistically to target both the cause and visible effects of hyperpigmentation and age spots. AFA™ Brightening Gel restores clarity and radiance to uneven skin tone caused by age spots and pigmentation in a formulation proven to be effective for all skin types and colors.

Overview of Key Ingredients
AFAs™ are a unique, patented formulation based on the body’s same natural acidic amino acids which serve to retain moisture in human skin. AFAs™ contain potent antioxidants and effect a dynamic improvement in pigmentation by exfoliating the epidermis without the irritation commonly associated with other acids.

Asafetida is produced by extracting the resin in water and glycols from the root of the plant, Ferula foetida. Asafetida Extract exhibits strong in vitro anti-tyrosinase activity, which reduces or blocks melanin production, resulting in an even skin tone and helps promote skin lightening.

Cause of Hyperpigmentation
In the skin (1)melanocytes continuously produce melanosomes; the (2)melanosomes convert tyrosine to melanin, giving skin its color. Under the stimulus of hormones, sun, or irritation, the (3) production of melanosomes increases, resulting in hyperpigmentation
Tyrosinase is the enzyme responsible for the initial conversion steps in the synthesis of melanin
The most common means of minimizing pigmentation is to reduce the activity of the enzyme, tyrosinase, which can be accomplished by blocking the production of the enzyme, inhibiting tyrosinase activity, or preventing the uptake of tyrosinase by the melanosomes
Decreasing the amount of tyrosinase activity present, or inhibiting the precursory steps, may result in an overall reduction of melanogenesis

Addressing the Cause
Asafetida inhibits the precursory step, tyrosinase activity, which is the initial conversion step in the synthesis of melanin, which presents as hyperpigmentation.

And Effects
The acidic amino acids in the AFA™ formulation exfoliate the visible signs of hyperpigmentation and restore transparency to dull, uneven skin tone.