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AFA™ Clay-Peel for the Body

Our newest rejuvenating in-office peel, inspired by the fact that the sun can take its toll on more than just the face. The AFA Clay Peel for the Body is a formula created specifically for the chest and the back of hands -- areas that are the most afflicted by photodamage from the sun.

A series of these applications is recommended to obtain favorable results. Additionally, we recommend the at home use of our new AFA Advanced Body Treatment Lotion. This can dramatically improve the appearance of the skin in heavily sun-damaged areas. And it can easily be added to the protocol of IPL, LED, Microdermabrasion, and other non-ablative laser treatments.

Beneficial results include:

Helps to improve sun damage/ sun spots
Helps with aging skin
Exfoliates with little to no irritation.
Helps firm, tighten, and tone
Results in smoother, softer skin and helps improve uneven texture

Primary skin types: For all skin types

Click here to find out about the AFA™ Clay Peel