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AFAs are among the newest generation and the most advanced cosmeceuticals available on the market. Our AFA products are used in over 32 countries around the world by leading Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Universities. AFAs are sold directly to Physicians offices in the U.S. exCel Cosmeceutical, Inc., uses distributors in other countries outside the U.S.

It has been to our experience that the most successful distributors are ones that presently distribute other skin products, which can include cosmeceuticals, lasers, and medical equipment to the ever so growing Medical Aesthetic Industry. Our unique skin care line compliments the overall beneficial results from these skin care products. This is a great way to offer something new, to stand apart from the rest of other skin care products. If you are a distributor and are interested in carrying our skin care line please email us at info@xlafa.com.

Prime candidates for Distributors to sell AFA skin care line are:
Medical practices that perform cosmetic procedures
Cosmetic Dermatologists
Medi-Spas, Spas Salons (Medical Director Required)
Plastic Surgeons
Aestheticians (Medical Director Suggested)
Most of our distributors are established companies that currently have a relationship in the medical and cosmetic markets. We provide exclusivity opportunities, and support them for the products purchased.

Over the years we have experienced tremendous success in the medical and aesthetic market. As a professional skin care company we know how fast the Aesthetic Industry is growing and how competitive the cosmetic market is. That is why we are willing to help you, a distributor, successfully launch our skin care line and as a team we will help you choose the best marketing concept to approach in your country. Our focus on your success drives our company.