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exCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc., has been awarded a full U.S. Patent for AFAs # 6,197,317 and # 6,703,030, with other patents still pending.

AFA gels are powerful yet gentle antioxidants that are based on the use of the same Amino Acids that result from the proteolysis of Filaggrin in human skin. Filaggrin functions in human skin as a filament aggregator in the epidermis. After its structural role is completed it is proteolyzed into acidic amino acids that accumulate in the stratum Granulosum where they serve as the main moisture retention factor of the epidermis.

AFAs is an acronym for Antioxidant Filaggrin based Amino acids.

exCel’s Patent covers the use of any or all of the acidified amino acids at a wide range of pHs. It is interesting to note that several of the Amino acid s that result from the proteolysis of Filaggrin are, with the exception of the amino group, (NH3), molecularly identical to certain AHA molecules. When the Amino Acids are prepared at a suitably low pH, they are effectively hyper-carboxylated; that is, the additional carboxyl groups that are part of the amino acid molecule become effective as anti-oxidants, (It is the Hydrogen Ion of the Carboxyl-COOH-moiety that is believed to serve as the proton donating entity.)

AFA gels have been clinically tested for three years by independent board-certified dermatologists and have been found to be rapidly effective in reducing the appearance of visible lines and improving the tone and texture of the skin. They are also extremely effective in reducing photo-pigmentation. Moreover, AFAs are unique in that they can function at very low pHs without any of the irritation associated with those pH levels that is found in other commercially available products.

Marvin E. Klein, M.D., the inventor of AFAs, was a board certified dermatologist, recipient of the National American Dermatology Association Research Award and was a member of Galen’s Honorary Medical Society, Dr. Marvin E. Klein had gained international recognition for his proprietary formulations that included an esterified glycolic acid (AHA) and a trichloroacetic acid (TCA) masque (Accupeel ®). The company he created to distribute these products, Glyderm, has since been sold to an international pharmaceutical company and the products continue to be successfully distributed worldwide.