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The real beauty of AFAs™ is the science behind them.


AFAs™ Amino Acid Based Skin Care
AFAs are based on the amino acids that are recognized as part of the Natural Moisture Factors (NMF) of human skin. AFAs are a rapidly effective antioxidant created by the dissolution and acidification of natural acidic amino acids, the same acidic amino acids found in the skin. The term AFA stands for Amino Acid Filaggrin-Based Antioxidants. Filaggrin is a protein that occurs in the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis. Filaggrin is metabolized in the epidermis into several acidic amino acids and these amino acids are the primary agents responsible for the skin’s ability to retain moisture. They're also the same amino acids used to produce AFAs.

AFAs are potent, stable antioxidants and powerful exfoliants with little to no irritation unlike AHAs, glycolic acids, or other alpha hydroxy acids. They supplement the amino acids so vital to helping the skin to retain more moisture. They're extremely effective against aging skin and photopigmentation (sun damage).

The unique features of AFAs:
They promote greater moisture retention in human skin, directly related to the Natural Moisture Factors (NMF)
They're potent stable antioxidants
They're extremely powerful exfoliants, resulting in little to no irritation
The results of using AFAs are extraordinary:
Skin texture smoothes and softens
Improvements in pigmentation from sun damage are superior to that seen with other previously available cosmeceuticals
Refinement in appearance of enlarged pores
Helps with acne breakouts
Are AFAs right for your practice?
Yes, if you have patients with uneven skin texture, aging skin, pigmentation irregularities, enlarged pores, or patients who simply want a better product for their skin. Also, patients with acne breakouts do particularly well with our in-office peels and products.

AFAs offer effective, fast results. Our AFA skin care line and easy-to-use home care program provide you with a way to help your patients experience dramatic improvements in the overall appearance of their skin.

We would like to extend our knowledge of skin care to your medical staff.
That’s why exCel Cosmeceuticals provides information training-to help your practice become more successful. The training program gives your team the confidence and the product knowledge necessary to maximize the benefits of each and every patient. And the more your team understands, the easier it will be for you to recommend the appropriate products and select suitable products for your patients.

For more information about our training program, or if you are interested in carrying our AFA skin care line, please email us at info@xlafa.com.