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Frequently Asked Questons

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Who is a good candidate for AFAs?

The AFA skin care line can be used for a broad range of skin types. AFAs are designed to treat a variety of skin care conditions such as; aging skin, sun damage, and the appearance of enlarged pores. Because AFAs are suitable for so many skin types and conditions your medical professional ultimately will choose whether or not AFAs are for right for you. If AFAs are right for you, then they are able to customize a regimen suitable for your skin type and skin care needs.

Are AFAs right for me?
Your physician and/or highly trained medical staff can best evaluate your skin type and conditions. Their experience will determine if AFAs are right for you.

Can I use other products with AFAs™?
By choosing the complete AFA program you are assured that they are highly compatible. However, if you wish to use other products along with AFAs your physician and/or medical staff can assist you in determining their compatibility.

Can I Use AFAs™ while receiving other in-office procedures?
Absolutely, AFAs are not only highly compatible but will accelerate the benefits of other in-office treatments such as laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and most of the new IPL laser treatments.

Why are AFAs only sold through Physicians offices?
AFAs are very powerful products. The maximum benefits can be achieved by using the AFA program under the supervision of your medical professional.