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March 1, 2008: DermatologyTimes: Chemical peel appeal
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November 1, 2007: DermatologyTimes: Body shaping, skin tightening
to show unprecedented growth'
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May 2007 Australia Cosmetic Surgery Magazine

2005: Faculty of Medicine, Benha University
Superficial Chemical Peeling in the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris, Fine Wrinkles and Melasma: A Comparative study between new and old modalities. click here to view this study.

May/June 2005: Medical Spas
Spotlight on exCel Cosmeceuticals as they launch the first patented Clay Peel for the body available to patients. click here to read the spotlight.

January/February 2005: Aesthetic Buyers Guide
Cosmeceuticals Seek to rival Outcomes of Aesthetic Procedures, article featuring AFA's by exCel. click here to view article.

Autumn, 2004: Elevate Magazine (Canada)
"(AFAs) work just as well as glycolic acid, but are less irritating," says dermatologist Dr. Sylvia Garnis-Jones. click here to view article.

May, 2004: The Oakland Press
With swimsuit season looming, skin care and beauty products will soon inundate the public. Given concerns about sun damage, word is circulating about a product that helps combat photosensitivity: Amino Fruit Acids, or AFAs, from exCel Cosmeceuticals in Bloomfield Hills. more->

January, 2004: Aesthetic Trends
Ah, the chemical peel. On one hand, a slightly controversial yet bona fide method of rejuvenating skin cells. On the other, despite any controversy it is a procedure which has become one of the most popular non-invasive aesthetic treatments on the market. more->

October, 2003: Skin & Aging Magazine
Jumpstarting treatment using a clay-based mask as an efective treatment starting point for patients with melasma, acne, and photodamaged skin. more->

September/October 2003 Aesthetic Trends
A new article on Cosmeceuticals that has new before and after pictures of a patient using our new Clay-Peel. We continue to get outstanding feedback from doctors, patients, and the media. To read the entire article.

July/August 2003: Oakland STYLE Magazine
STYLE profiles Dr. Michael Gray who recently opened a new state of the art cosmetic surgery facility and skin-enhancement facility in West Bloomfield, MI. Dr. Gray describes exCel-AFAs as one of their top lines in the treatment of aging.

Summer 2003: Your Skin Magazine
Chemical Peels Continue to be Favored Treatment for Numerous Skin Complaints more->

June 2003: exCel Newsletter

To view the newsletter, click here.

April 2003: Aesthetic Trends Magazine
The AFA Micro Exfoliating Masque combines the patented AFA (Antioxidant Filaggrin-based amino acids) technology with a clay vehicle to optimize the power of the peel. more->

February 2003: Plastic Surgery Products
Product News: Face Peel
exCel Cosmeceuticals offers a patented two-step peel that includes a rare earth masque and an amino acid filaggrin.