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exCel Cosmeceuticals has become a world leader in skin care due to the demand for up-to-date, science supported skin care solutions. AFAs have the unique ability to achieve quick beneficial results, with little to no irritation and with no down time. This alone, has brought exCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc., patented skin care products to the international community.

AFAs have had tremendous success in the medical market, both domestically and overseas, and are distributed all over the world in over 32 countries.

Below is Domestic and Foreign Publications that have been released pertaining to our AFA skin care line.


--> October 24, 2005, Bloomfield Hills, MI
exCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc. Partners With Orient MG For China Market – exCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc. has partnered with Orient MG, to sell the company’s AFA skin care products to medical professionals in China. Orient MG has been distributing medical products and devices in the Pacific Rim since 1997. more->

--> August 11, 2005, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Article in paper describes AFA acidic amino acid peeling as being safer than AHA peeling, with fewer side effects, especially on post-peeling, sunblock and moisturization. more->

--> August 22, 2003, Bloomfield Hills, MI
ExCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc.. increases Asian presence with contract in Japan. more->

South Korea
--> March 19 - 22, 2004
exCel Cosmeceutical launched its new Clay Peel at the 20th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show - KIMES 2004 - in Seoul, Korea

Images from the event.

Australian magazine Cosmetic features article on the benefits of exCel Cosmeceutical AFAs. more->


--> February 2, 2006
Croatian magazine recently featured three articles.

Article one: page one, page two
Article two: page one, page two
Article three: page one, page two

German magazine recently featured an article on Amino Acids.

German article on anti-aging.

--> October 29, 2002, Bloomfield Hills, MI
exCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc., a leader in the cosmeceutical skin care products, has recently been written up in two Greek fashion magazines, MADAME and FYNAIKA, for the outstanding benefits their patented AFAs offer customers. more->

click here to view MADAME cover.
click here to view FYNAIKA cover.

--> May, 2003, Bloomfield Hills, MI
U.S. Commerce Department press release on exCel's visit to Greece. more->

--> October 12, 2004, Bloomfield Hills, MI
AFAs will be featured in November, 2004's issue of Image magazine, Irelands #1 Magazine.

--> A member of the Image team had a course of AFA Facial Peels in conjunction with the homecare gel, AFA Barrier Moisturiser and an AFA Eyecream. They were truly amazed with the results. click here for details.

--> January 9, 2004, Bloomfield Hills, MI
The Eden Beauty Group has been chosen by exCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc. to distribute its patented AFA cosmeceutical line in Ireland. exCel now markets its AFA products to over thirty nations with an ongoing plan for continued global expansion.


--> September 2003, In the prestigious Romanian magazine Les Nouvelles Esthetiques an article appeared highlighting the Sanos Romania seminar "Cosmeceutics - a new concept in skin care". Featured at the seminar was the new Clay-Peel™ by Excel Cosmeceuticals USA.

--> August 2003, Adevarul Magazine, "The Amino Fillagrin Peeling - a revolution in dermatology"

--> May 28, 2003, Bloomfield Hills, MI
exCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc. has contracted with Sanos Romania, to distribute their skin rejuvenation products. more->

AFAs are introduced in Romania by distributor Sanos Romania. Note, their employees all have AFA "#1 cosmeceutical of the millennium" t-shirts on.

--> Swiss dermatologist Dr. Harald Gerny's latest book "Sofort jünger aussehen"
features exCel Cosmeceuticals.

--> Also, Dr. Gerny's book "Moderne Medizinishche Kosmetik" features exCel Cosmeceuticals.

Outline of this book.


--> June 1, 2004, Bloomfield Hills, MI
RGR Pharma, Ltd. has been chosen by exCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc. to distribute its patented AFA cosmeceutical line in Canada. more->

--> January 4, 2008, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Ghunther Pharmaceuticas has been chosen by exCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc. to distribute its patented AFA branded skin care products to the medical community in Mexico. more->


Saudi Arabia
--> February 17, 2006
Dr. Suliman Habib Center Congress annual meeting. more->

--> October 23, 2003, Bloomfield Hills, MI
exCel Cosmeceuticals Inc. Announces New Distributor in Turkey. more->

If you are a distributor and are interested in carrying our line of products please email us at info@xlafa.com