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October 23, 2003
, Bloomfield Hills, MI
exCel Cosmeceuticals Inc. Announces New Distributor in Turkey. more->

August 22, 2003
, Bloomfield Hills, MI
ExCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc. increases Asian presence with contract in Japan. more->

May 28, 2003, Bloomfield Hills, MI
exCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc. has contracted with Sanos Romania, to distribute their skin rejuvenation products. more->

May, 2003, Bloomfield Hills, MI
U.S. Commerce Department press release on exCel's visit to Greece. more->

October 29, 2002
, Bloomfield Hills, MI
exCel Cosmeceuticals, Inc., a leader in the cosmeceutical skin care products, has recently been written up in two Greek fashion magazines, MADAME and FYNAIKA, for the outstanding benefits their patented AFAs offer customers. more->

click here to view MADAME cover.
click here to view FYNAIKA cover.