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AFA™ ClayPeel FAQ

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Our AFA in-office and Home care program will dramatically improve the overall appearance and beauty of the skin.

In-Office Program

These remarkable procedures begin in your physicians’ office. Your highly trained physician or medical personnel will administer the in-office Peels. They will select the treatments that are just right for you as well as recommend products that are suitable for your skin care needs. We offer three versatile in-office professional Peels including:

In-office Procedures
AFA Clay-Peel
Clay-Peel for the Body
Peels: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60
All AFA professional products are extremely beneficial and may be used alone or as a supplement to other medical procedures offered in your physician’s office. All of our in-office professional Peels are designed to help improve texture, pigmented irregularities (sun damage), skin, and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. The improvement of skin texture is noticeable immediately after the first application. The appearance of skin and pigmentation will fade over a series of treatments. A series of 4-6 applications is recommended and there is no downtime.

At-Home Program

Our AFA At-Home Program is simple and easy to follow. Your medically trained professional will recommend products that suit your skin care needs. To achieve maximum results, we recommend you incorporate one of our in-office Peels along with our products. It will help you maintain a great look without compromising your daily routine.

The AFA Home Care Program is simple:

3 main products: Moisturizer, AFA Gel, and Sunscreen
2 steps in the evening and 2 steps in the morning

The AFA Gel is the core of this home care program. You can use the home program without the peels, or along with them, for accelerated results.

Daily Home Program
In the morning:
1) Cleanse the skin.
2) Apply the appropriate moisturizer. Of course, the application of sunscreen is also highly recommended. Make-up can be applied as desired.

In the evening:

1) Cleanse the skin.
2) Apply AFA Gel sparingly and evenly to the entire face.

This daily regimen is simple, easy, and effective. Improvements in skin texture are noticeable within the first week. Over the next few weeks, the appearance of skin will improve, pigmentation will even out, and the skin will take on a healthier, more youthful tone.

A complete line of AFA™ products
There is a complete line of AFAs™ Auxiliary products to help you find your beautiful skin, only by exCel Cosmeuticals, Inc.

AFA™ Anti-aging Core Product

AFA gels- Mild, Plus, Max
Auxiliary : AFA™ Home Care Program
Oil-Free Moisturizer
Gentle Eye Cream
AFA Moisturizer
Sunscreen Moisturizer
AFA Gentle Cleanser
Exfoliation products
AFA Micro Exfoliating Masque
Advanced Treatment Body Lotion
Do you want to soften, firm and tone your skin? Do you want to reduce sun damage? The AFAs in-office procedures and Home Care program will give you speedy results you are looking for. AFAs are the Answer.